About the Author

I am a Library Specialist in the Youth Services department at my local Public Library. This means that I mainly do programming, events, and outreach for children, as well as working in circulation and on the reference desk, answering questions both in person and over the phone, and providing customer service to our many diverse and unique patrons.

I love my job. I can say this honestly and without sarcasm. Some days are trying. Some patrons are downright silly. But overall, I know that what I do is important and fulfilling, and I’m excited to go to work every day. Spending all day in a library is my dream job. (sometimes I even go to the library on my days off!)

Personal Information:
I have a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics. I started my Master’s in Library and Information Science in Spring 2013 but that is on indefinite hiatus. I am 28. I like reading. I also like singing, cross-stitching, stargazing, and being a pirate.

I am a pirate.


One response to “About the Author

  1. Hello Bookaneer! I am a LIS student in my third and final year at the University of South Florida. I love your blog’s name, great idea! Happy Blogging and good luck in library school.

    The Jedi Librarian

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