We’ve Got Jokes

Yesterday, we had an LA meeting (where we discussed the Canada Problem, as everyone else now calls it, thanks to me), that included a tour of the third floor. The third floor at the Headquarters Library is Adult Services and the Teen Area, and they’ve been doing a massive revamp of the layout, as well as putting down new carpet and painting everywhere. It looks really great, though things are still a little out of order and confusing. Fortunately (unfortunately) it is no longer my job to keep the stacks organized, so I don’t have to deal with that headache (though I do kind of miss it). We’ve switched the Fiction and Non-fiction collections, bringing the more popular fiction collection to the front of the floor, while less-popular non-fiction is being relegated to the back stacks. In order to make this happen, we hired a moving company that only deals in the shifting of library collections, so our poor pages don’t have to break their backs trying to move everything around. They seem to be doing a fair job, and at least they are fast (though according to our tour guide they are not precisely very accurate).

After our meeting I was playfully (falsely) accused of flirting with the movers (scandal!), and I cracked the joke that I could use a bad library pick-up line such as “Hey baby, I hope you’re in a circulating collection because I’d like to CHECK you out!” I was promptly told that I was fired. I responded with “Hey baby, what’s your call number?” Groans ensued from everyone. Personally, I think a corny library pick-up line would probably work on me. Anyone got any to share?

Speaking of jokes, I was talking with my dad on the phone the other night and he came up with several great (awful) pirate-related library jokes! For example: What does a pirate librarian put on their Jolly Roger? A skull and cross-references!

I’ll post again soon!


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